Monday, 22 December 2008

Jacket an tie

had to dress up smart for a christmas ball on friday, and i hv taken a few pics of what i wore.
my dads burton jacket, white tie, black polka dot tie (tho cant c polka dots in pic) and black shirt.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

bit o' trick photography =) bet u dont no how i did it

Camp looks and strange jacket/waistcoat

Oh my word, sorry bout how camp i look ina few of these pics =s

This is an old jacket that i pulled the a
rms off, and have stiched padding into the collar and down the sides. Also put padded pink silk on the inside and white on the inside back.

Tartan jacket - my obession with tartan

Quick post - check my blk an whte tartan jacket! goes wiv my BKs got a few pis of me in it along wiv the other loada pics, please check out.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

BK shoes

if u wondering bout my shoes in any of the pictures, i wear sum tartan black and white British Knights trainers, and they go with just about anything, and they have been through loads of things with me! not the best pics of them but u get the idea - c photo shoots for more.

Gud morning =)
This is my blog, i made it for my general experiments with photography and fashion.
also you may see a few bits bout guitar as i also play and luv it!
please see my pictures as soon as i get them on.